New Assignments

Effective July 2009, Ned Ellington has been re-assigned as manager, strategic initiatives, and will be working with me on several projects to help expand EI2’s revenue streams.

As a consequence of this change, Carl Rust has been selected as the Acting Director of SPO. Carl’s thirteen year tenure with Georgia Tech, extensive industry experience, and good relations with the SPO staff make him an excellent fit for his new position. Please join me in congratulating Carl and Ned in their new roles.

For the GT employees: this is also in iShare. Did you see it there first, or here? Either way, tell me why…


  1. Don Pital says

    Saw announcement on your blog first because I was browsing it. Only advantage of Ishare is the “alerts”. Does blog have capability of setting up alerts for new posts?

  2. Melissa Zbeeb says

    Saw it here first – through Twitter link. Don’t visit iShare much unless I need a doc only found there.

  3. You can subscribe by email at, or you can follow the Twitter feed at @VPEI2.

  4. Kathy Arnold says

    IShare alerts. I subscribed to this, so I’ll see what works. Twitter doesn’t do anything for me yet, sorry. 😉