EI2 to Return to Previous Name, Begin Implementing Color-Coded Departments

Effective immediately, the Enterprise Innovation Institute will return to our previous moniker – Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute (GT-EDI) – in an effort to better reflect the activities of the organization and effectively serve our client base.

Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute is a name that more accurately reflects the transformation of our organization in recent years. By aligning our organizational name with our largest brand, we will increase our visibility with customers, leverage the world-renowned Georgia Tech brand name, and get more credit for our accomplishments in the marketplace.

In addition to the name change, I am also implementing a color code for each department within GT-EDI. I request that staff members exclusively wear the color of their home department, so that everyone is easily recognized across the organization. Beginning April 15, anytime you are on campus, please wear the following designated departmental colors:

  • ATDC, SBIR/STTR, VentureLab – Blue
  • Alternative Media Access Center – Red
  • Community Innovation Services – Black
  • Georgia MEP – Green
  • GMBEC – Purple
  • GTPAC – Yellow
  • Health@EI2 – Pink
  • SETAAC – White
  • Strategic Partners Office – Orange
  • Other – Chartreuse

If you work across more than one department, you may wear stripes.

If you work at home, be sure to have at least one clean shirt in the appropriate color available for videoconferences.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing state budget cuts, we will not be able to provide a clothing allowance for your new color scheme, but I trust that all of you will incorporate this into your household budgeting immediately. Thanks for being part of the EI2 rainbow!