Midtown Atlanta Apple Store

Putting the final touches on Midtown Atlanta’s new Apple store (Spring Street and Armstead Place).



  1. Ahhh! Much needed. I’ll take my thanking there.

  2. Sure thing says

    No chance that that’s an official Apple store. They don’t do displays with other co’s names (Incase). My guess is that is the apple reseller. Apple would (and should!!) put the store up on Midtown mile in a “glitzier” locale than Spring street. Not like tech student wouldn’t hike up the hill to get there.

  3. I made clear on the Twitter discussion, but not in the post: this is not an official Apple store, but it’s the Georgia Tech Barnes & Noble, who is an authorized reseller. They’re moving downstairs to a larger and more visible streetfront location. Since Apple refuses to put a glitzy store on the Midtown Mile, this is the next best thing for Midtown Atlanta!

  4. CraigJohnson says

    Sorry that is not an Apple Store. Its just a revamped area in the GA Tech Bookstore, but it looks nice. It is unfathomable that Apple has not elected to open an Apple Store at the corner of Peachtree and 10th or Peachtree and 6th. Both locations are big enough and Midtown desperately needs an Apple store. Really ridiculous when you consider that they have Apple stores at the Northpoint Mall (what a dump) and Mall of Georgia. Midtown has more Apple users per capita than any where in the southeast. its a no-brainer.