Innovation U 2.0

In 2002, the Southern Growth Policies Board published Innovation U., which I've used frequently in discussing EI2's mission. Even though the SGPB has evaporated, one of the authors decided the time was right to update their work with "Innovation U 2.0." … [Read more...]

ATDC Showcase 2014

Yesterday was ATDC's annual Startup Showcase... over 40 companies exhibiting, plus seven more in a "fast-pitch" event co-sponsored with VentureAtlanta. The companies ranged from an app to make animated selfies with your cellphone (Selfie360), to a recovery capsule to bring small payloads back from orbit (Terminal Velocity Aerospace). It was a … [Read more...]

Top Ten Technologies for 2014

To kick off the new year, I prepared a list of the Top Ten Technologies for our friends at the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The limitations of smearing ink on dead trees forced the newspaper to cut the list down to five. But electrons are cheap. Just for completeness, here's my original Top Ten, with special attention to how they'll impact … [Read more...]

Podcast: Measuring Entrepreneurial Innovation

I was interviewed last month by "Business in the Morning", a local podcast. If you have a half-hour to spare, you might want to give it a listen. … [Read more...]

Advanced Manufacturing: Smart, Safe, Sustainable, and Surging!

In a way, Georgia Tech has always been about manufacturing. From our founding in 1885, we focused on educating young men (sorry, ladies! That took a little longer) in applying technology to machine shops, textile mills, and steam engines. We continued with that mission of “encouragement of industries and commerce” for eight decades. Then, in 1960, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Tech Square!

I've been travelling a bit lately, visiting innovation communities in Austin, Portland, and Saõ Paulo. I've also had a chance to compare notes with venture capitalists and angel investors from all over the U.S. at the Venture Atlanta conference held last week, and with city planners in my role as a team leader for the Atlanta co(lab) conference in … [Read more...]

Pindrop Security Shoots for the Moon

A news article a couple of weeks ago announced an $11 million investment in one of our local startups, Pindrop Security. You can read it in the local Atlanta Business Chronicle or in USA Today. … [Read more...]


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe, restful, and joyful holiday. Welcome back to what's sure to be an eventful 2013! I wanted to tell you a little about one of our newest neighbors in Centergy: Panasonic Automotive Systems (PAS). It's an interesting story about the power of place; EI2 and Georgia Tech play a critical role. … [Read more...]

Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

In October, I got a call from Yves Berthelot, our Vice Provost for International Affairs. He'd been invited to participate in a Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce economic development trip to Brazil, but he was going to be in Singapore at the time. He knew that I had a special interest in Brazil... would I like to go if he picked up the travel … [Read more...]

Here Come the MOOCs!

In EI2, we have lots of roles. Coaches. Consultants. Analysts. Service coordinators. Lots of things. But we can never forget that we work for a university. And universities are in trouble. I was able to spend part of two days last week with Rich de Millo, former Dean of the College of Computing, and now the director of Georgia Tech's … [Read more...]