Buy this CD!

Alright, I'm actively courting codgerhood here, but I don't like rap. Or hip-hop. Or whatever else the young whippersnappers call "music."But I just spent ten bucks on a rap CD (well, partially rap), and I love it! … [Read more...]

Packets beat Circuits

So I got in yet another variation of the Mass Transit Discussion over the weekend. I have this discussion often enough that I decided to write up my position here, so that I can just point to it. … [Read more...]

A Flag for All Georgians

Posted December 2002. Since overtaken by events, but retained here since the argument still holds.   During the recent election campaign, any Georgian outside metro Atlanta saw hundreds of “Boot Barnes” signs adorned with the post-1956 Georgia flag. In the counties in and around I-285, it’s hard for residents—many of whom are … [Read more...]

A Service Pack for the U.S. Constitution

If you run Windows (I don't!), you must be familiar with Microsoft Service Packs. These are a collection of bug fixes, minor features, and general cleanups that you have to apply to Windows occasionally to keep it running (relatively) smoothly. (Which is one of the many reasons that I have never owned a Windows machine, but that's another … [Read more...]

Diary of a LASIK Patient

Note: this was originally posted back in 1998, on a now-defunct site, in the dark days of hand-crafted HTML. I've reposted it here, but have chosen not to mess with it. Enjoy. … [Read more...]