Under the Sea

Sometimes, you just have to say yes. Guillermo Sohnlein, a friend from the Space Angels Network, is now CEO of the OceanGate Foundation. He emailed me a few weeks ago asking "Do you want to take a dive in a research submarine?" … [Read more...]

Fixing K-12 Education

This post was triggered by John Warner (@SwampFox) tweeting a link to an editorial in a South Carolina newspaper. South Carolina needs a personalized education for every student Go read it. I actually agree with a lot of it … [Read more...]

Immigration and the Startup Visa

A few weeks ago, I was at a Georgia Tech student event, the Convergence Innovation Competition. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the student entrepreneurs. They were mostly Master's candidates in Computing or Electrical Engineering, While still at the competition, I tweeted: Of the first 28 student entrepreneurs I've met in … [Read more...]

Favorite iPhone/iPad Apps

It surprises people that, as a well-assimilated Apple fanboy, I didn't buy the first generation iPhone. I was in the store on launch day, I had one in my hand, my credit card was burning a hole in my pocket... and I left without one. I used my Treo for nearly another year until the 2nd generation iPhone (confusingly named 3G) was released. I wasn't … [Read more...]


For the people wondering why I didn't make a particular event this week... here's a (blurred) view of my calendar. I'm paddling as fast as I can... … [Read more...]

This isn’t the Valley

Yes! @amcrae has the best chart of the day at #startupriot via twittelator … [Read more...]

Why Are We Doing This?

So by now you've seen the press release about reorganizing ATDC, VentureLab, and the SBIR Assistance Program under the single banner of ATDC. And that we're throwing open the doors of ATDC to all technology entrepreneurs in Georgia. This is different. … [Read more...]

Not The Valley

This post is from 2009. For a retrospective on wearing this button for five years, check out my follow-up post here. (Click for full-size image.) Those of you at the Atlanta CEO Exchange this evening may have seen the lapel button I was wearing. It generated a lot of attention. … [Read more...]

It’s Electric!

For a month or so now, I've been enjoying my newest toy. It's a Wentz electric bike... which is a bicycle with a built-in motor assist. … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Atlanta!!

You asked for it, you've got it! Sometimes, it makes sense to sit back for a moment and reflect on how much things have changed in four years. For those of you who were part of the Atlanta entrepreneurial community, think back to May of 2005. Pretty different, wasn’t it? You can see the final version of my "Entrepreneurial Atlanta" chart … [Read more...]