Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, you've heard of crowdfunding. I know a lot of people who have participated in campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and more. I've backed a few myself. But that's been as a way to fund development of better iPhone peripherals, or an independent film, or even to convince a touring … [Read more...]

The More Things Change…

...the more they stay the same. Cissa and I have been doing some housecleaning for the holidays, and I found a copy of the inaugural edition of the now-defunct Digital South magazine, published in early 1997. I scanned about a dozen pages into a PDF (linked to the image above), but read these excerpts: … [Read more...]

Take the Money

After my post on the JOBS Act last night, I got an email from a friend with a good question. As I composed an answer, I realized it might be of general interest, so I'm putting it here. … [Read more...]

The JOBS Act

I was asked to write "a few sentences" about the JOBS Act for another website. Since I found myself with over 500 words, I decided to post it here. In today's political climate, it's hard to believe that a major bipartisan reform has passed both houses of Congress and -- as I type this on Wednesday night -- is scheduled to be signed by the … [Read more...]

Redacted Feedback

Earlier this week, I attended a set of company pitches by startups trying to raise venture capital money. I was wearing my investor hat, not my Georgia Tech hat. The organizer asked for my feedback. I gave it to her. I figured it was worth sharing here, with the identifiable details REDACTED to protect the guilty: The [COMPANY REDACTED] … [Read more...]

Inaugural “Angel Readiness” class at ATDC

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TAG Badges

I think the ribbons on my badge form the flag of a small African country. … [Read more...]

Dave Wright of SolidFire at ATDC Entrepreneur Night

How he raised $11 million in 30 days without products, customers, or revenue. Good crowd! … [Read more...]

John Imlay

John Imlay, as outrageous as ever. … [Read more...]

Dr. Peterson at Venture Atlanta

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